Theme Park Orlando Florida Fun Spot

August 9, 2016 | Theme Park

United States is very well known in the presence of theme park Orlando Florida such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. Some figures to cartoon character superhero characters very easily found at Universal Studios Florida. Disney theme parks is the dream of every child to be able to visit it. Disney cartoons already accompany childhood children beautifully. This amusement park is always crowded visitors, no wonder if amusement parks are always popular.

The following tourist destinations in Orlando Florida United States that became the dream destinations of each of the children. Access from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World and some other Orlando Florida fun spot already provided a shuttle vehicle that is very unique. One of the vehicles in the form of bus called Disney’s Magical Express. Though so you guys need to wait some time to get the bus. For more details, refer to the course theme park Orlando Florida here.

Theme Park Orlando Florida Fun Spot

Best Orlando Florida Theme Park

1. Walt Disney World

One of the most exciting United States tourism place and myriad visit is Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. No doubt you’ve heard the name very often this theme park Orlando Florida. If you remember the Mickey Mouse then you will be reminded with a Disney land, Mickey Mouse is an animated cartoon character rat who is very cute and also the icons of Disney land. Orlando is now the largest city in the United States for 80 and become the main purpose of tourists due to Walt Disney World.

Lots of very interesting rides and may only exist at Walt Disney World only. This theme park Orlando Florida is the playground of the first and largest in the world. One of the icons of Walt Disney himself made his name well-known characters funny cartoon character Mickey Mouse. In the park there is also the game’s highest roller coaster in the world. For those of you who want to skip the holidays in the Walt Disney World you should always schedule a wide range of budget to conduct tours at this place. Very nice if could make a tour to this place chiefly with beloved family.

2. Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios, Florida, the United States has a fantastic ticket prices. For visitors over 10 years, will be priced at $105 and for a child, under the price. If you would like to visit the entire contents of the playground Orlando Florida fun spot, you have to pay for $155. With the price of the specials tikes, you and your family can enjoy all the attractions, because Harry Potter attractions is divided into 2 parts the playground Orlando Florida fun spot. In addition to Harry Potter, there is another theme in the theme park, such as Transformers or The Simpsons.

That’s updated reviews about theme park Orlando Florida fun spot more information for you. Hopefully the article is useful and can be a reference for those of you who are looking for information about the latest or most popular tourism place this time.

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