Santa Monica Beach in LA

August 11, 2016 | Beach

For those of you who want to enjoy the calm atmosphere after a visit to the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Beach needs to be added to the list of tourist destinations for visiting Southern California. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed if the beaches are in the administrative area of Santa Monica. Beach in Santa Monica on the shores of the Pacific Ocean that really natural, clean and well maintained. The Government of Santa Monica really pay attention to the attractions of an asset that its territory.

Even every Friday there is a janitor from agency town and clean up Santa Monica beach in LA. As the beach is always in sunlight throughout the year, many visitors accidentally come to sunbathe or simply sit back and enjoy the soft sea breezes. Visitors can nail down a range of activities at the beach. Visitors can take The Big Blue bus, local bus of Santa Monica who had access to Los Angeles. Rates for this bus rides range from $ 0.75 up to $ 1.5. For more details, refer to the course Santa Monica beach in LA following.

Santa Monica Beach in LA

Santa Monica Beach California

Visitors can nail down a range of activities at the Santa Monica beach in LA which is included in “One of the Top Ten Beach Cities in the World” version of National Geographic. The beach has a length of 3.5 mil provides a route for those who want to cycle. 35-kilometer line runs from North to South to Malibu Torrace. Visitors can enjoy free line of motor vehicles is to cycling. Other beach in Santa Monica activities is fishing. All visitors may be fishing without having to have a special license. No need to worry if it does not carry the equipment fishing because fishing line and lures can be rented at the pier. For the hobby of surfing at the beach, can do this season without restriction.

Surfing can be done at the guard post between 18 to 20 posts (Pico Blvd and Bay St.) and between 28 and 29 post post (Ashland Ave and Pier St.). Light waves make swimming an option activity on the Santa Monica beach in LA. Other activities that are not less exciting especially if you come in a group was beach volleyball. Volleyball court are on the South side of the pier. Visitors can enjoy it free of charge. Santa Monica Beach is also often a specific event such as a staged race bicycle race. To find out various information pertaining to the Santa Monica Beach, visitors can visit the Annenberg Community Beach House. Visitors can also take a break in the cafe that is located in the Beach House. In addition the site also rents out various purposes picnic beach in Santa Monica as a statue and beach chairs. In America, visitors can also take a vacation to Yellowstone National Park.

That’s updated reviews about Santa Monica beach in LA more information for you. Hopefully the article is useful and can be a reference for those of you who are looking for information about the latest or most popular tourism place this time.

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