New Orleans Amusement Park For Children

August 12, 2016 | Theme Park

Recreational park so one of the favorite vacation spot of all walks of life. A variety of rides and attractions the show is able to make amazed. One of the amusement park for children is New Orleans amusement park. But there are several amusement parks that are popular because of the creepy. The playground should be a place that spots for you and fun for everyone who visit it. That way, you and your family will feel comfortable and happy to be in the amusement park.

But now a playground that was abandoned by its owner and not well maintained and left it became one of the reasons the place being spooky and very threatening to anyone who visited it. Not all rides play as fortunate as Disneyland that is always of interest. At least, there are currently as many as 1,000 playground left dormant, and change is scary. So, occur because of bankruptcy, and left everyone who take care of it. For more details, refer to the only amusement park for children that is creepy here.

New Orleans Amusement Park For Children

Theme Parks in New Orleans

1. Jazzland, New Orleans

Jazzland is one amusement park for children in New Orleans, United States that opened in 2000. But alas, on his journey, suddenly a customer became deserted. After this New Orleans amusement park that was taken over by Six Flags Jazzland, then it still goes on. To make it a success, they plan to develop the site and create a water garden in an amusement park. When visiting the United States, many travelers are also interested in visiting the Opryland USA Theme Park that is not less interesting play with various amusement parks that are popular around the world.

2. Six Flags, New Orleans

That is one of the Six Flags theme parks are there in New Orleans, United States. This amusement park for children is great and many are filled with a variety of rides, including a roller coaster super challenging. However, in 2005 the New Orleans amusement park famous was destroyed immediately at the time of hurricane katrina destroyed attacked and nearly 80% of the facilities including the amusement rides and is now leaving only the debris the storm sweeping from the former. Now a Six Flags amusement park was transformed into a spooky spots for you, the number of strokes-strokes with spooky words that make the playground this gripping and terrifying. In fact, the hurricane sank Six Flags New Orleans up to 7 meters. A variety of rides and facilities there ever was ruined and leaves a lot of debris. In variousĀ spacecraft also a lot of graffiti and graffiti, such as bearing the ‘Welcome 2 Zombie Land Kids’. Not surprisingly, the mood in this recreational park really gripping.

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