Great America Newest Theme Park in the World

August 8, 2016 | Theme Park

The area around the San Francisco Bay in California is indeed notable as a place of tourist destinations. In Santa Clara there are recreational areas to spend the holidays with family. Attractions in question is California’s Great America. California’s Great America is the only amusement park in California that has a water park in it. You and your family can have fun together because of the children of the Great America theme park owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company offers a variety of family rides. Carousel Columbia became the first spacecraft the Great America theme park are worth a try.

The highest storey carousel in the world that gives the sensation of rotation is different from similar games ever. You can also call upon sons and daughters play bumper car in the Rue le Dodge. Average rides at California’s Great America reserved for visitors with a height of over 46 inches (116 centimeters). Less than that should be followed by a parent or guardian. A playground in the northern part of the California region can be visited all year round from 10:00 until 20:00 or 22:00 at weekends. Entry ticket for $ 59.99 for adults and $ 39.99 for children or the elderly. For more details, you simply refer to the newest theme park in the world here.

Great America Newest Theme Park in the World

Great America Theme Park Review

The Great America theme park will bring the spacecraft Mass Effect: New Earth. Mass Effect: New Earth is a spacecraft of the latest entertainment which will be opened on May 18, 2016. A vehicle adapted from a game it will be attending and enliven the atmosphere at the Great America theme park located in California. To be able to enter the vehicle at the time of the opening take place you are required to buy a ticket from $ 11 to $ 32. The spacecraft Mass Effect: New Earth will provide experiences for you to enjoy the holographic 4 d, this newest theme park in the world will give experience where everyone can do exploration towards outer space as there is in the game.

In Spacecraft Mass Effect: New Earth you will find a LED screen claimed by Great America as the world’s largest LED screen. It not only comes with the touch of a fairly large LED screen, this newest theme park in the world also provide 3D glasses with a seat that is designed to exclude the effects contained in the game. In building these rides, Great America cooperation with publishers of Mass Effect, namely, Electronic Arts and BioWare developers. Arena game is another Celebration Swings. In this game the visitors sit in a kind of swing that is dependent on a circle with a diameter of 21 metres with a height of 12 meters above the ground. The vehicle is capable of spinning for the past nine to eleven times in a minute.

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