Fruitamin Soap 10 Whitening

August 15, 2016 | Health

Fruitamin Soap produced by renowned companies namely Wink White Thailand. Fruitamin is Whitening Soap Soap which contains 10 kinds of fruit packed in 1 piece of soap and also a combination of 6 variants Gluta Soap. And there are five colors that integrate all of the content from natural fruit extracts. Soap Fruitamin latest formula 10 times more effective than the old packaging formula. This product is perfect for those of you who are doing skin care. Because the results obtained after using this product very much at all, other than skin become white and smooth, this product can also take care of your skin daily. This soap also serves as nutrients and vitamins for our skin. Because the skin as well as the body, too, need vitamins in order to maintain and take care of the inside. Good skin care, you can do in two ways, first by external treatment, the treatment of the skin by using soap or lotion. While skin care from the inside is by consuming a vitamin or supplement daily with dose must have been determined. Well if two nurses leather that you can do, your skin will be beautiful, not only from outside but from the inside as well.
Fruitamin Soap is made from a mixture Gluta + Vitamin + Fruit. And other natural ingredients to help nourish the skin and can also whiten the skin. The composition is made up of several fruit extract which is very natural and not harmful to our skin. Vitamins and nutrients contained in fruits is very good for our skin. Use this incredible soap every day so that our skin becomes more manicured and healthy.

fruitamin soap

Fruit extract content of 10 Fruitamin Soap and benefits:

  • Lycopene, Tomatoes, making faces flushed pink
  • Orange: Vitamin C, to make a fresh face
  • Kiwi: as an antioxidant skin
  • Mulberry: cracy vitamins of berries
  • Banana: make a soft smooth skin and reduce inflammation
  • Grapes: making the skin supple
  • Pomegranate Ruby: can whiten and as an antioxidant
  • Lemon: works to reduce acne
  • Tamarind: reducing scars

Apple: maintaining healthy skin and freshness

Benefits Fruitamin Soap:

There are so many benefits that can ladies get setelang using this product, the following is a small part of the benefits of this product:

  • Can whiten skin 10x more effective than the old soap Gluta
  • Can treat acne and reduce acne scars
  • Will reduce inflammation in acne
  • Making the skin effect is fresh, healthy, flushed and clean
  • Can moisturize the skin and also brighten the skin

How to Use / Usage Soap Fruitamin Correctly:

In order results in peroleha after using this product, make sure you use this product in accordance with the rules:

  • First wet your skin with water or body part to be cleaned by soap
  • Moisten the soap with water, then wipe the entire body evenly until foamy
  • Do not used in the rinse, let stand for approximately 3-5 minutes for nutrsi soap soak into the skin.
  • Then rinse thoroughly Bandan parts of the skin that have been in jerky by this soap

Carefully Circulating Counterfeit Products! Make sure Fruitamin First Soap You Use!

Pay attention and observe where the products are genuine and which products are phallic, make sure you know the shape of fraudulent products that you do not buy or use fraudulent products. We will provide accurate information about how to distinguish genuine products and fake (KW). This soap products you can see clearly and invisible as between the original and the fake. Please see the image below to see the product and its counterfeit.
From the picture above looks very obvious is not it? where the products are genuine and fake? For products that are original in the image above are in the left position while paslu product images are in a position to the right. And becolok immediately apparent difference between the original product with the fake. So do not let you go wrong in buying this product. And make sure that the original product delivered to you.

Positive Effects After Using Fruitamin Soap:

As long as you buy and use products that are genuine, there are no negative side effects after using this soap products. Because the content of herbal and natural which became the main composition in this soap is very beneficial for your skin. So that positive results after using soap product is the one that you can feel and enjoy. Realnya skin this product will make your skin healthy (due to his becoming extra vitamins to the skin), clean, white and bright.

Testimonial results after Using Soap Fruitamin:

  • It is suitable for all skin types, (women and men)
  • Soap is the recommended in use by over 13 years of age
  • Can be used by nursing mothers and pregnant
  • Do not hazardous (safe) for all skin types
  • Do not be a dependency after using this soap
  • Do not hazardous when in use in a long period of time (used for daily skin care)
  • We guarantee the products we sell are 100% Original

Do not be tempted by cheap prices and are offering genuine products when such products paslu (KW). Have a genuine product and our online shop soon. For more information about the product and how to order Fruitamin Soap :


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