Cream Temulawak Super Gold Natural

August 16, 2016 | Health

Cream Temulawak Super Gold products are made of natural materials , namely ginger , in the Sunda call with big koneng while in Madura called temulabak . Cream Temulawak Gold Natural highly efficacious and effective in helping to solve problems such as dull skin, stubborn acne, acne can eliminate the process is very safe and relatively not too long . Due to the content of the extract of ginger in it which mampuh can eliminate acne and famous for a long time . Additionally cream is very safe because it does not contain hazardous materials such as chemicals and does not cause any side effects . Because the content of the extract in it is very natural .

Cream Temulawak Super Gold natural

Benefits of Cream Temulawak Super Gold Natural For Beauty :

  • to increase the brightness of the skin color naturally .
  • Can disguise and remove the black stains and scars .
  • Helps eliminate blemishes on the skin that do not go back again .
  • Can smooth the skin naturally
  • Can eliminate black spots and stains can prevent skin cancer .
  • Can tighten facial skin .
  • Addressing and fight free radicals that cause wrinkles .
  • Can Overcome premature aging and skin menutrisikan .
  • Eliminate and cope with rough skin .
  • Can remove excess oil .
  • Can cope with and protect skin from the sun
  • Can As an anti oxidant and can shrink the pores are enlarged .
  • Eliminate and tackle blackheads completely .
  • Can makes the skin look firmer and more elastic so it looks younger and made the skin look and natural blush .

1 Package Cream Temulawak Super Gold Natural consists of :

  • day cream
  • night cream
  • Sabun Temulawak
  • Toner

Why Cream Temulawak Super Gold More Di Suggest ?

Cream Temulawak Gold contains a harmless substance that is herbal and natural . With content results in most major composition is exstrak ginger are proven natural and harmless . I commend the ladies all do not ever want to use cosmetic products that contain hazardous substances and chemicals . And do not use a product that can abrade skin ladies . And do not use products that process / properties quickly made white . It is an indication that the product contains hazardous chemicals . The effect of skin becomes red , hot and in the long term can cause black spots .

Well Cream Ginger Gold is highly recommended because it is not harmful to the skin and also makes your skin white and clean , not only that these products can also be overcome and a solution for ladies who suffer from acne . And this product does not cause negative side effects , as long as the ladies all use a product that is certainly genuine . For there are many fake products in circulation , and not to counterfeit goods is in the hands of ladies . So ladies should be careful before buying this product , get genuine products only in our : .

How to Use Cream Temulawak Super Gold Natural :

Actually, almost the same as the average user of any beauty products , so that the ladies are accustomed to using beauty products , I think there will be no difficulty in using this product . The maximum results can ladies get if knew how to use this product , so do not let any of the stages in the use of this product . However, though more clearly following is the order or how the use of Cream Temulawak Gold :

•    First ( Soap temulawak ) :

Before you use a day cream or night cream temulawak gold than you should clean your face first by using soap ginger. How: Take the soap temulawak and rub hands until busahnya abundant and rub and rub gently by hand to avoid the irritation then rinse with clean water and dry facial skin was really dry up .

•    The second ( Toner ) :

After you clean your face with soap and dry until you can wash your face again in order to maximize results by using toner how to pour tones to cotton and rub all over the skin .

•    All three ( Day cream ) :

After you use toner you can apply a day cream evenly over the face is thin , this cream can protect your skin from free radicals and from sunburn .

• The four ( night cream) :

Cream Temulawak Gold can you use before bedtime and make sure you wash your skin with soap ginger. How to use a night cream is the same as the day cream .

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