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October 7, 2016 | Health

Cream Berlian – Skin problems that often occur very troublesome and annoying a lot of factors that cause skin problems that often arise. Starting from hormonal factors, up to a factor of air pollution and dust off our skin. Outdoors activities would have been very susceptible, exposed skin problems such as skin dull, rough, oily, acne, very frustrating not, so you need extra care and also routine in order to restore to normal facial skin a gorgeous glow. Care would you do of course a lot of way, started using traditional ingredients naturally, using various brands of cosmetics, up treatment to a beauty clinic. Wearing facial treatments using natural ingredients is definitely guaranteed security, but requires a fair amount of very long to get optimal results but depending on skin condition that you experienced as well. In contrast to wear cosmetic products, it might be faster, but it all depends back to your own skin type. Lately already rife, many hands of the ignorant who fabricate cosmetic products are being sold, the result is fatal if we use products that are false, yes definitely contain hazardous materials such as mercury that can harm your skin. Facial treatments using cosmetic beauty care products a lot of variety ranging from serum, toner, face mask, until the cream. Then the product is affordable, original and certainly safe to use? Well here’s a solution for us all, especially the ladies, namely the Product Cream Berlian.

testimoni cream berlian

Cream Berlian is a cream skin whitening facial beauty treatments are created specifically by Dr. Supiyati which is certainly an expert in the field of skin health. Which will make your skin youthful, natural white, soft fan shine when using natural treatments and have intensively made from materials – natural herbal ingredients which would have been proven to produce the look of your skin makes the white flushed, glowing, soft and pretty instantaneous

Cream Berlian Skin Care product is a whitening cream that can to brighten the face, tighten and make your skin glowing and certainly the results obtained will be observed within 1 to 2 weeks, with its routine use. Cream product has a very soft texture and no itching of the skin and face will be supple, soft, natural white, acne disappeared, healthy and pores on the skin will shrink thus dust pollution will not go into it. Not only that this one guys cream also contains no ingredients that are very harmful to the skin such as Mercury or Hydroquinone. This cream did not result in dependence on the wearer, as well as a lightweight non-sticky formula is suitable for everyday use in the activity.

Additionally Cream Diamond was also nourish your skin cells, able to protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays were negative directly and content in a cream can be able to prevent premature aging, it is like the skin will look younger.

Benefits and Efficacy From 1 Package Cream Berlian BPOM:

  • Scrub Soap:

The benefit is to clean the dirt in the area of your skin due to exposure to dust or pollution, exfoliate dead skin and will not cause sores on the skin, dry skin and irritation. Your skin will feel more fresh, bright and well toned.

  • Cream nights 1 and 2:

The benefits of night cream diamond 1 and 2 is to naturally whiten skin, tighten your face, make the face a more youthful, skin will look supple, able to eliminate acne blemishes and spots are also black spots as a result of dead skin cells on the face.

  • Day Cream :

Beneficial to prevent the emergence of a black stain spots on the face, as a nutrient for the skin so the skin will be healthy, fresh, clean, soft and smooth, UV protection. And able to fade the stain is lifted from the use of night cream.

  • Toner :

Toner of cream berlian Beneficial to tighten facial skin, refresh the skin, makes the skin bright, and makes the skin shiny / glowing.

Here’s Some Advantages and Benefits Cream Berlian When Compared With Other Products :

  • Diamond Cream is very effective to exfoliate dead skin and blackheads. Skin cells with the new body.
  • It will not lead to dependency on the users
  • The results will be permanent, if the user routinely and regularly
  • This product is suitable for all kinds of skin types that exist in Asia.
  • The product is also suitable for all ages and among both women and men.
  • Quick to restore facial skin problems such as acne, oily and more.
  • The content of the diamond in this cream is able to prevent wrinkles (anti-aging).

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